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Why Here to Help and not hire a private caregiver?
Finding the right kind of home care can be difficult but at Here to Help we make
sure you know exactly what you will be receiving with our services. Here are
some of the questions you should consider prior to making that decision.
What kind of background and screening checks can you do on your own for a caregiver?
All Here to Help Caregivers are carefully screened with criminal background
checks and vulnerable sector checks. We confirm our Caregivers’ educational
credentials and verify upon hire and annually, that every nurse is registered and
in good standing with their respective College of Nurses. If you hire a caregiver
privately, you will need to perform background checks and screening yourself.
If my caregiver is unavailable, who will fill in?
At Here to Help, we ensure there is a replacement when one of our Caregivers
becomes unavailable. We will contact you to inform you of a Caregiver change. If
you hire a caregiver privately, it may be difficult to find a replacement caregiver
depending on how much notice is given.
Will I always have the same caregiver?
At Here to Help, we strive for consistency of care and provide regularly assigned
Caregivers. Our goal is to learn your needs, hobbies, and interests and find a
caregiver you enjoy doing these things with. Caregiver consistency is essential to
building strong relationships and delivering care that allows you to be safe and
healthy at home.
Where can Here to Help provide the care we need?
Here to Help can deliver any type of compassionate care you need whether it is at
your home, at the hospital, at a long-term care facility, or wherever it is needed.
While our goal is to keep your loved one in their home environment, we know
that isn’t always possible. Because we are Here to Help, we will come where you
need us.
Does my private insurance cover the cost of Here to Help?
Possibly, but since insurance plans can vary widely, its best to contact your insurance
provider and ask them what services they cover. Here to Help works in a compli-
mentary role with your provincial health insurance (OHIP).
How does the family benefit from what Here to Help provides?
Here to Help provides trusted peace of mind that whatever care you need, you can trust that it will be delivered in a professional, reliable way. We will help you all the way through the decision making process, and let you know all the choices available and discuss what works best for both your loved one as well as the entire family. Making care decisions for loved ones can be stressful: let Here to Help ease the stress and help you make the right care decisions.

At Here to Help, home care may be provided by:
Registered health care professionals, such as nurses, who can provide medical care needs and
Certified PSW Caregivers, who provide daily care to help ensure the activities of daily living (ADLs) (e.g., bathing, eating, cleaning the home, preparing of meals) are met.

All care must be under the oversight of a family physician, including any prescriptions, physical therapy or medical care.